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How to Successfully Arrive at 7 Years of Marriage

I know many people that have been married for 7 years or more.  However, it is becoming less common for me to meet people that have been married successfully for 7 years or more.  Just what is a “successful” marriage.

Success is sometimes defined as:  the opposite of failure.  I don’t know about you but I don’t like that definition.  I want more in my life than the opposite of failure.  I want God’s promise of Abundant Life found in John 10:10.  I have arrived at the 7 year marriage mark and this is what I believe are the markings of a successful marriage.  Just being able to say you have arrived at 7 years doesn’t cut it.

1.  Still getting butterfly’s in your stomach when you know you get to spend quality, intimate time with your spouse.
2.  Communicating even when you don’t want to.  Talking it out and still loving one another.  In other words, sometimes agreeing to disagree.  (this is a lost art)
3.  Sharing your goals and dreams with your spouse and working out ways to achieve them together.
4.  Not taking your drama to your mamma.  Learning to seek wise advise and not spread your disagreements among your family.  It is okay to seek marriage counseling or coaching.  In fact, it is encouraged.  (I’m not saying that just because I am a counselor :))

5.  Do your best to stay healthy and fit.  When you take care of yourself, you take care of your spouse.

6.  Keep your relationship with God a priority.

7.  Always make your spouse a priority and they will make you a priority.

I think that I will stop at 7.  That seems to be appropriate!

In my experience as a counselor and communication coach, I see two main things that hinder a successful marriage.  What do you think those are?  Leave me a comment and I will continue this in my next blog.

Have a great day!!!!!