Juli Ann Wilhite

Juli WilhiteJuli Wilhite is the founder of 180 Christian Counseling and Training which is a non-profit counseling and training center located in North Dallas. 180 conducts unique seminars to assist individuals in personal change called “TRANSFORMATION TODAY.”  In addition they offer individual, marriage and group counseling along with communications coaching.  Juli is a licensed Clinical Christian Counselor and will graduate with her Masters degree in cognitive and family therapy this year.   Juli has a passion for Leadership Development and Communications training.  She spent 21 years in the corporate world as a National Sales Manager and Trainer and she now spends time with churches and businesses in the metroplex helping them understand the challenges of communication and building leaders in a diverse living and working environment.

Juli and her husband have traveled to the countries of Uganda and Kenya in Africa to carry the message of hope and healing to men and women incarcerated in prisons and to conduct leadership training for various churches.  They are International Representatives for VACCADAM International Christian School that will be opening this year in Uganda.  Arthur is a worship band leader and men´s leader.  He holds a full time job in appraisal management with Bank of America but is most passionate about music and helping others.

You can read Juli’s blog here.