About 180 Christian Counseling & Training in Dallas, Tx

180 Christian Counseling and Training serves Dallas and the DFW metroplex. We conduct unique seminars to assist individuals in personal change called “TRANSFORMATION TODAY.” In addition we offer individual, marriage and group counseling along with communications coaching.

The founder of 180, Juli Wilhite, is a licensed Clinical Christian Counselor with a Masters degree in cognitive and family therapy. 

180CCT-wordcloud-300x300Juli has a passion for Leadership Development and Communications training. She spent 21 years in the corporate world as a National Sales Manager and Trainer and she now spends time with churches and businesses in the metroplex helping them understand the challenges of communication and building leaders in a diverse living and working environment.

Our Counselors

We have educated professionals at 180 that are here to help you explore all of the aspects of your life. We use the tool of temperament so we can eliminate long term counseling and get to the root of the matter quickly. All counselors at 180 are trained through the temperament therapy model called “Creation Therapy.” Understanding your unique temperament is a vital step in understanding the way that God created you to be. Many people go through life searching for an identity. God has created you with a unique identity and purpose and many people discover that identity and purpose through the method of Temperament Therapy.

Our team here at 180 is dedicated to providing the best quality counseling you can find. Our Christian counseling education, our own personal relationship with Jesus, and our desire to fulfill our unique destinies provides you with the best care possible. We strive to be the mouthpiece for the true healer, Jesus Christ. While we call ourselves counselors, we recognize that the true Counselor is our loving Heavenly Father.

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